Metal recycling site licence (Northern Ireland)

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You need a licence to run a metal recycling site in Northern Ireland.

How to apply

You must apply to the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) and include details of:

  • an authorised contact
  • the applicant (individual or corporate)
  • any relevant convictions
  • the site and operations
  • technical competence
  • financial provision

With your application you also need to provide:

  • a fee
  • any relevant company registration or partnership documents
  • a site location plan
  • evidence of land occupancy eg owner-occupier, tenant or leasee
  • any other relevant authorising documents
  • audited accounts of parent company, where relevant
  • a working plan include a written statement, plans, detail drawings with a full contents list of plan titles, dates and unique plan/drawing reference numbers

You also need to provide details of planning permission or alternatives, such as: - certificate of lawful existing use or development - established use certificate and associated area plan - written confirmation from the relevant competent authority if planning permission is not required

You must also include an environmental statement if this was produced as part of the planning application.


Your details will be included in a public register if a licence is granted.

To handle any other types of waste on the site you may need a waste management licence.