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To run a market stall as a trader, you need a licence from the local council.


There will be restrictions on your licence, including when you can run your stall, where it must be, its size.

You will need to renew your licence. How long the licence lasts depends on the local council. Permanent licences last longer than temporary or casual ones.

Temporary or casual licences

You may not get a fixed spot for your stall if you have a temporary or casual licence.

Permanent licences

You will usually have had to been a temporary or casual market trader before applying for a permanent licence. You will usually get a fixed pitch with a permanent licence.

How to apply

You can apply for a temporary (also known as ‘casual’) or permanent licence by contacting the local council.

Displaying your licence

Some local councils may ask you to show your licence before you’re allocated a stall.

Fines and penalties

If you don’t get a licence you could be prosecuted for trading illegally. Your goods could be seized and you could receive a fine.