Navigational guidance and warnings

You can get navigational information by radio from:

  • navigational warnings, broadcast on either NAVTEX or Inmarsat SafetyNET
  • NAVAREA (I) warnings, broadcast through EGC SafetyNET
  • UK coastal navigational warnings broadcast on VHF and MF on selected aerials at 4-hourly intervals

Read more about maritime safety broadcast times and medical advice calls.

In-force navigational warnings are shown on the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) website.

Reporting navigational hazards

You may get warnings about:

  • damaged or broken lights, fog signals, buoys and navigational aids that affect main shipping lanes
  • wrecks, reefs, rocks and shoals that might be a danger to main shipping lanes
  • drifting hazards, eg derelict ships, mines, ice
  • unexpected changes or closures of established routes
  • cable or pipe laying, naval exercises or underwater operations that might be a danger for shipping lanes
  • problems with radio navigation, radio or satellite maritime safety information services
  • areas to avoid where search and rescue and anti-pollution activities are happening

Contact the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) Radio navigational warning helpline if you’ve spotted any of these hazards or want to ask about them.

UKHO Radio navigational warning helpline
Telephone: 01823 353 448
Find out about call charges

You’ll have to contribute toward the cost of broadcasting any necessary warnings if you’re responsible for causing a navigational hazard.