Sinking of stern trawler Gaul with loss of 36 lives

Location: Barents Sea

Accident Investigation Report: Gaul

This document details the underwater survey, supporting model experiments, safety lessons and recommendations made:

gaul-report-sections-1-to-6.pdf (803.75 kb)

Gaul Annex 1 - Formal Investigation Report (743.37 kb)

Gaul Annex 2 - RINA paper on the Gaul disaster (1,181.17 kb)

Gaul Annex 3 - Trawl Fishing booklet (1,064.20 kb)

Gaul Annex 4 - Executive summary of model experiments (364.60 kb)

Gaul Annex 5 - MAIB’s interpretation of the results of the model experiments (1,540.71 kb)


The fishing vessel Gaul was lost with 36 lives in the Barents Sea in 1974. The MAIB provided support to the re-opened Formal Investigation that was convened after the wreck of the vessel was found in 1997. The result was this report on the underwater survey of the Stern Trawler Gaul H and supporting Model Experiments August 1998 - January 1999.

Published: April 1999

Published 23 January 2015