Sinking of under 15m vessels: prawn trawler Kathryn Jane, potter Emerald Dawn and prawn trawler Jann Denise II with loss of 5 lives

Location: Kathryn Jane off Skye, Scotland. Emerald Dawn off Kilkeel, Northern Ireland. Jann Denise II off North Shields, England.

Accident Investigation Report

Combined investigation report into three marine accidents including what happened, safety lessons and recommendations made:

MAIB Tri-Report.pdf (831.94 kb)

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This report contains details of the investigations into the losses of Kathryn Jane, Emerald Dawn and Jann Denise II resulting in the tragic loss of lives.

It has been decided to combine the results of each investigation to produce a single report to better illustrate MAIB concern over safety in this important sector of the UK’s fishing industry.

Published 23 January 2015