Shift of timber deck cargo on dry cargo vessel Sea Challenger during heavy weather

Location: High seas.

Completed PE Summary: Sea Challenger

A short summary of the accident and action taken:

Registered Owner & Manager:   Lomar Shipping Ltd
Port of registry:   London
Flag:   UK
Type:   Dry Cargo
Built:   1998
Classification society:   Germanischer Lloyd
Length overall:   131.6
Gross tonnage:   6418.00
Date & Time   09/10/04 12:35
Location of incident:   Foreign High Seas
Incident Type:   Capsize/Listing
Persons onboard:   19 Crew
Injuries/ fatalities:   None
Damage/ Pollution:   Minor Damage


This vessel suffered a shift of packaged timber deck cargo in storm force sea conditions.

Action taken

To prevent a similar accident occurring in the future, owners and masters of vessels which carry packaged timber deck cargoes were recommended to read the advice contained in MAIB’s report on a recent safety study on the carriage of Timber Deck Cargoes which can be found on this website

In addition, the owner of this vessel was recommended to:

  • Consider applying high friction coatings to the hatch covers on ships that they own which carry timber deck cargoes.

  • Consider using more dunnage between the tiers of cargo to prevent packages resting on rope slings, which provide poor friction.

  • Wrap timber packages with high friction waterproof covers.

  • Consider using hog wires, which are lashings strung between the uprights and laid between each layer of timber packages, to help reduce the chances of cargo shift.

Published 23 January 2015