Shift of timber deck cargo on cargo vessel Sea Fox in heavy weather resulting in vessel listing

Location: Off north west Scotland.

Completed PE Summary: Sea Fox

A short summary of the accident and action taken:

Type:   Cargo Vessel
Date   03/01/05
Incident Type:   Heavy Weather Damage


This general cargo vessel was carrying packaged timber cargo on deck in heavy weather when she encountered an exceptional wave from her starboard beam.

The vessel’s planned course had taken her downwind of shallow water which had increased the height of the deck cargo lashings to part and the cargo to shift.

The vessel took on a list of over 30°. More cargo had to be jettisoned to improve the situation.The vessel eventually made her way to a safe haven where the cargo was re-secured.

Action taken

To avoid a similar accident occurring in the future the Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents has written to the vessel’s operator, Baltic Ship Management Ltd with reference to:

  • Passage planning and weather routeing.
  • Protection of packaged timber deck cargo from water absorption.
  • The use of webbing lashing devices as the sole means of securing the cargo.
  • Use of high friction paint coatings on hatch lids when carrying timber cargo.
  • The removal of container rails while carrying timber deck cargo.


Published 23 January 2015