Person overboard from crabber Onward Star with loss of 1 life

Location: Bridlington harbour area, England.

Completed PE Summary: Onward Star

A short summary of the accident and action taken.

Registered Owner & Manager:   Mr P Sayer
Port of registry:   Scarborough
Flag:   UK
Type:   Potter
Built:   1966
Construction:   Wood
Length overall:   16.54
Gross tonnage:   39.53
Date & Time   07/12/03 18:10
Location of incident:   Bridlington harbour area
Incident Type:   Accident to person
Injuries/ fatalities:   1 fatality
Damage/ Pollution:   None


Fatal accident to crew member.

Action taken

The Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents has made the following recommendation to the owner/skipper of the vessel:

  • Conduct a risk assessment on board your vessel, and where appropriate, introduce control measures against identified hazards

  • Increase the height of the aft bulwarks in accordance with the Code of Safe Working Practice for the construction and use of 15m Length overall to less than 24m Registered Length fishing vessels

  • Provide CWBA’s (Constant Wear Buoyancy Aids) for use by the crew when working on deck

Published 23 January 2015