Grounding of stern trawler Horizonte Claro

Location: Soyea Island, Loch Inver, Scotland.

Accident Investigation Report 23/2001

Read our marine accident investigation report, which includes what happened, actions taken, and recommendations:

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On 20 0ctober 2000. The 38.99m Spanish-registered fishing vessel ran aground near fishing grounds having shortly landed its catch in Loch Inver, Scotland. The vessels crew had not detected the Horizonte Claro had departed from the intended track to the south of Soyea Island. The vessel grounded to the east of the island. There were no injuries, and the crew were taken off by the Lochinver lifeboat. Horizonte Claro was refloated the next day by the coastguard tug Anglian Prince and towed to Stornoway for survey and repair.

Safety issues

  • heavy rain reduced visibility and degraded the radar picture

  • the skipper relied completely on the video plotter for positional information

  • the video plotter was used primarily for fishing purposes, and was inadequate for the safe navigation of the vessel

  • lookouts were not placed outside the wheelhouse as soon as visibility reduced


The primary recommendations in this report are aimed at improving the awareness of the dangers of such practice among watchkeepers in Spanish-registered fishing vessels operating from UK ports. Others are aimed at improving safety at sea by discouraging the consumption of alcohol before sailing and ensuring lifesaving equipment is available for immediate use.

This report was published in May 2001.

Published 23 January 2015