Grounding of prawn trawler Bountiful

Location: Scart Rock, off Lady Isle, near Troon, Scotland.

Completed PE Summary: Bountiful

A short summary of the accident and action taken:

Fishing Vessel/Accident Details
Vessel Name Bountiful
Vessel Owner Privately owned
Port of Registry Belfast
Flag UK
Type Prawn trawler
Built 1979
Construction Wood
Registered Length 17.95m
Gross Tonnage 93
Date/Time 23/05/2008, 0345 (UTC + 1)
Location of Incident Scart Rock, off Lady Isle, near Troon
Incident Type Grounding
Persons Onboard 6
Injuries/Fatalities None
Damage/Pollution To vessel’s forefoot and keel band/None


At about 2230 on 22 May 2008, Bountiful berthed in Troon to land her catch of prawns. The skipper, who was also part owner, went to bed at about midnight, while the crew were landing the prawn boxes ashore. He awoke at 0300, and the vessel sailed for her fishing grounds at about 0315. At about 0325, having passed the breakwaters and rounded the Crab Rock buoy, the skipper set course to pass Lady Isle to port. He then went to the aft-facing chart table to calculate the weight of the landed prawns. At about 0345, the vessel ran aground on Scart Rock, a shoal to the north-east of Lady Isle. The tide was falling and the next high water was at 1446.

On grounding, the crew checked the internal spaces, and found no ingress of water. At about 0400, the skipper informed Troon harbour that his vessel was aground. This was later relayed to the local RNLI lifeboat station and then to Clyde Coastguard.

The coastguard called the skipper, who reported that his vessel would refloat at high water and that there were no injuries, no ingress of water and no pollution. The all-weather lifeboat and the inshore lifeboat were tasked by the coastguard to standby the vessel and they were on scene by 1147.

With the assistance of a local workboat and two other fishing vessels, Bountiful was refloated on high water and she was able to return to Troon harbour under her own power.

Action taken

The Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents has written to both of the vessel’s owners, strongly advising them to take note of the best navigational practice contained in MCA’s MGN 313 (F) with particular reference to the following:

  • Keeping a proper watch at all times;

  • not undertaking any other duties that would interfere with the safe navigation of the vessel;

  • taking full account of the quality and quantity of rest taken before taking a navigational watch; and

  • using crew members as necessary to ensure that a proper lookout is maintained.

He has also advised the skipper that he should alert the coastguard as soon as possible if and when he has an incident in the future.

The Chief Inspector has also written to the port manager of ABP Troon and Ayr harbours, advising that if his staff becomes aware of an incident in the locality, they should ensure the coastguard is alerted as soon as practicable.

Published: June 2008

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