Grounding of fishing vessel Sovereign

Location: Close to Cairnbulg Briggs light beacon, east of Fraserburgh, Scotland.

Completed PE Summary: Sovereign

A short summary of the accident and action taken.

Date of accident: 18/12/05


Just after midnight, the UK flagged fishing vessel Sovereign grounded close to Cairnbulg Briggs light beacon, east of Fraserburgh. Sovereign was holed in several compartments and was unable to be salvaged: she was later declared a constructive total loss. There were no injuries and only minor pollution.

Action taken

The Chief Inspector wrote to:

  • the owner and skipper of the vessel, reminding them of the need to:
    1. improve bridge watchkeeping practices, especially in respect of lookout and basic navigational procedures;
    2. ensure that watchkeepers are not distracted by using mobile phones in the wheel house.
  • the Northern Lighthouse Board, advising that it considers the characteristics and intensity of Cairnbulg Briggs light beacon to ensure that it is fit for its intended purpose.



Published 23 January 2015