Grounding of dry cargo vessel Beaumont

Location: Cabo Negro, Spain.

Accident Investigation Report 14/2013

Investigation report into marine accident including what happened and safety lessons:

Beaumont.pdf (596.11 kb)


On 12 December 2012 dry cargo vessel Beaumont ran aground on Cabo Negro on the north Spanish coast. The vessel had been proceeding at full speed with the OOW asleep. Despite being driven hard aground on a rocky ledge, there was no breach of the hull and was successfully refloated with tug assistance.

Safety lessons

  • the OOW had fallen asleep soon after sending his night lookout off the bridge
  • available bridge resources, that could have alerted the crew and/or awoken a sleeping OOW were not used, resulting in Beaumont steaming at 11.5 knots with no-one in control on the bridge for over an hour


In view of the actions already taken by the vessel’s manager, no recommendations have been made.

Published: 14 June 2013

Published 23 January 2015