Flooding and sinking of potter Achieve with loss of 1 life

Location: 6nm north-west of the Island of Taransay, Western Isles, Scotland.

Accident Investigation Report 3/2014

Investigation report into marine accident including what happened and safety lessons:

Achieve.pdf (3,769.70 kb)


On 21 February 2013, the fishing vessel Achieve foundered 6 nautical miles north-west of the Island of Taransay, Western Isles, Scotland. The vessel sank due to flooding in the vessel’s fish hold, most likely because of a sprung plank in the hull. Although all three of the vessel’s crew were rescued, one of them died later in hospital due to hypothermia.

A Safety Flyer was also produced for this incident.

Published: 10 January 2014

Published 23 January 2015