Fire on long liner Shark and flooding of gill netter Royalist resulting in it sinking

Location: Fire, 74 miles west-north-west of Malin Head, Republic of Ireland. Flooding, 180 miles west-north-west of Dingle, Republic of Ireland.

Accident Investigation Report 13/2008

Combined investigation report into three marine accidents including what happened, safety lessons and recommendations made:

Shark&RoyalistCombinedReport.pdf (2,483.25 kb)

Compiled Annexes (8,754.36 kb)


MAIB Reports on the investigations of the fire on board the fishing vessel Shark 74 miles west-north-west of Malin Head 19 January 2008 and the foundering of the fishing vessel Royalist 180 miles west-north-west of Dingle, Ireland 23 January 2008.

It was decided to combine the reports of the MAIB investigations into the above accidents into a single document to better illustrate concern over a number of common safety issues.

Published August 2008.

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