Fire in machinery space of chemical tanker Multitank Ascania resulting in abandonment and drifting of the vessel

Location: Pentland Firth, Scotland.

Accident Investigation Report 22/2000

Investigation report into marine accident including what happened, safety lessons and recommendations made:

multitank ascania.pdf (2,825.19 kb)


On 19 March 1999 fire breaks out in the machinery space of chemical tanker Multitank Ascania. Attempts by the crew fail to put out the fire using portable extinguishers followed by flooding spaces with a fixed system. All crew, except the master, are subsequently airlifted off the vessel. With the casualty drifting towards land, attempts are made to tow the vessel clear. A temporary exclusion zone is set up, included evacuation of up to 600 people from homes in the area. The following morning, two salvage personnel, lowered on to the vessel, report the fire to be out. The vessel was eventually towed to safety with minor damage.

Published: 21 July 2000

Published 23 January 2015