Fire in engine room on high speed passenger ferry Stena Lynx III

Location: Off Fishguard, Wales.

Completed PE Summary: Stena Lynx III

A short summary of the accident and action taken:

Merchant Vessel/Accident Details
Vessel Name Stena Lynx III
Registered Owner/Manager Stena Line Ltd
Port of Registry London
Flag UK
Type Ro-ro vehicle/passenger ferry
Built 1996
Classification Society Norske Veritas
Construction Aluminium alloy
Length Overall 80.61m
Gross Tonnage 4113
Date/Time 17/08/2004, 1442
Location of Incident Welsh coastal waters
Incident Type Fire
Persons Onboard 26 crew 430 passengers
Injuries/Fatalities None
Damage/Pollution Minor damage/None


The Ro-Ro highspeed ferry, Stena Lynx III was on passage from Rosslare to Fishguard with 430 passengers and 136 vehicles onboard. At about 1520 the navigating officer noticed smoke in the starboard engine room, on bridge surveillance cameras, immediately afterwards a fire was seen on the starboard engine and the fire alarm sounded. The emergency party quickly mustered as the engine was shut down and system isolations made. The fire was quickly extinguished using first aid appliances. One crew suffered minor smoke inhalation.

On investigation it was found that an, on engine, low pressure fuel pipe had fractured because it was incorrectly fitted. The engine vibration and stresses set up in the pipe caused it to fail, spraying fuel over the hot cylinder exhaust causing ignition.

The crew dealt with the emergency in an efficient and calm manner.

Action taken

The management company, Northern Marine, has issued guidance on the correct measurement and fitting of replacement fuel pipes to ensure stresses are minimal. They have also issued instructions to uniquely identify fuel pipes to ensure they are replaced in the risk of stressing the pipe work.

The MAIB has been in contact with engine manufacturer recommending them to review their maintenance manual instructions on fitting, on engine, fuel pipes.

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Published 23 January 2015