Entanglement with winch whipping drum rope on scallop dredger Danielle with 1 person injured

Location: 7 miles south-south-east of Falmouth, England.

Accident Investigation Report 5/2007

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At 0045 on 6 June 2006, a deckhand on board the UK-registered scallop dredger Danielle became trapped by a rope that was being used on a winch whipping drum. He sustained serious arm and chest injuries and was evacuated by RNLI lifeboat and ambulance to hospital, where subsequently his arm had to be amputated.

Safety Issues

  • the practice of simultaneously “tipping” both sides of dredges meant that for twelve hours a day, one side of dredges was “tipped” single-handedly
  • at the time of the accident, an adequate risk assessment for the vessel and the hazards involved with “tipping” was not available
  • the RNLI medical adviser was not trained to BASICs standard and did not embark with all of the medical equipment that he subsequently believed he needed


Recommendations have been made to Mermaid Trawler Company Ltd, the MCA and Seafish regarding the framework and emergency stop facilities in the vicinity of the whipping drums; the promulgation of the hazards associated with “tipping”; the recording of details of risk assessments on statutory documentation; and the provision of practical on board guidance in completing risk assessments.

This report was published on 29 March 2007.

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