Contact made by wind farm passenger transfer catamarans: Windcat 9 with floating target and Island Panther with turbine

Locations: Floating target at Donna Nook Air Weapons Range off Lincolnshire, England. Turbine at Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm off North Norfolk, England.

Accident Investigation Report 23/2013

Combined investigation report into two marine accidents including what happened, safety lessons and recommendations made:

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The two accidents (detailed below) in this report occurred on the same day, 21 November 2012, but in different circumstances. However they do share many common safety issues especially with respect to the standard of watchkeeping observed by the crews of both vessels.

  • Contact with a floating target by the wind farm passenger transfer catamaran Windcat 9 while transiting Donna Nook Air Weapons Range in the south-west approaches to the River Humber, England.

  • Contact of Island Panther with turbine I-6, in Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm off the Norfolk coast, England.

Published: 20 November 2013

Published 23 January 2015