Contact made by product tanker Vallermosa with oil tankers Navion Fennia and BW Orinoco

Location: Fawley Marine Terminal, Southampton, England.

Accident Investigation Report 23/2009

Read our marine accident investigation report, which includes what happened, actions taken, and recommendations:

VallermosaReport.pdf (1,838.79 kb)


On 25 February 2009, the oil product and chemical tanker, Vallermosa, loaded with a full cargo of 35,000t of jet fuel and bound for the BP Hamble Terminal in Southampton Water, made contact with two oil tankers which were discharging alongside at Fawley Marine Terminal. The accident caused structural damage to all three vessels, minor damage to the jetty and minor pollution.

Safety issues

  • Vallermosa’s approach was unnecessarily aborted for administrative reasons

  • The pilot’s effectiveness was reduced due to his heightened workload, frustration and increasing stress

  • The master and bridge team were not monitoring the pilot’s actions sufficiently, despite their obligation to ensure the vessel’s safety


Recommendations have been made to the UK Major Ports Group, British Ports Association and the UK Marine Pilots Association to jointly define their expectations of bridge team and pilot performance. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency has been recommended to provide the shipping industry with more detailed information on the expected levels of support which should be provided by bridge teams when a pilot is embarked. The International Association of Marine Institutions has been recommended to ensure that its members’ Bridge Resource Management training includes the integration of pilots into bridge teams.

This report was published on 12 November 2009.

Published 23 January 2015