Contacts made by passenger vessel Logos II during berthing and unberthing

Location: St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Accident Investigation Report 1/2008

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At 2047 on 20 June 2007, the 4804 grt passenger ship Logos II made contact with a shore crane and two small vessels when berthing alongside Victoria Pier in St Helier, Jersey. At 1200 on 26 June 2007, Logos II also made contact with a pier head as she was leaving St Helier after the tow line with which she was connected to a tug parted. Harbour pilots were embarked during both accidents with the tugs Marineco Toomai and Titan assisting during berthing operations and Duke of Normandy and Titan assisting during the departure from St Helier. Damage to Logos II was limited to indentations on her starboard bow, bent pulpit railings and superficial damage to paintwork. Structural damage was caused to the pier head and the two small vessels. There were no injuries.

Safety Issues

  • no audits to verify the port’s compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code had been undertaken
  • the port’s safety management system was a working draft and had not been formally reviewed since its introduction in 2001
  • risk assessments had not been accessible since March 2007
  • there had been no formal risk assessment for the visit of Logos II, which was an unusually large vessel to enter the port’s inner harbour and was known to be difficult to manoeuvre
  • no towage guidelines had been developed
  • there was no continuous professional development programme for pilots


Recommendations have been made to the States of Jersey Economic Development Department and Jersey Harbours, with the aim of improving Jersey Harbours’ safety management organisation and providing verification of its compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code through an independent audit body.

This report was published on 22 January 2008.

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