Contact made by DUKW amphibious passenger vessel Titania with moored vessel

Location: River Thames, England.

Completed PE Summary: Titania

A short summary of the accident and action taken:

Registered Owner & Manager:   Capital Frogs Ltd
Flag:   UK
Type:   Passenger vessel
Built:   1943
Construction:   Steel
Length overall:   10.35
Gross tonnage:   10.00
Date & Time   21/11/03 16:27
Location of incident:   River Thames
Incident Type:   Machinery failure
Persons onboard:   2 crew 8 passengers
Injuries/ fatalities:   None
Damage/ Pollution:   Minor damage


Amphibious passenger vessel with 8 passengers and 2 crew on board made contact with a moored vessel on the River Thames and adopted a large list. All onboard were rescued by emergency services.

Action taken

The Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents has made recommendations to the owner of the vessel. Recommendations include:

  • Evaluate the merits of a dedicated manager with marine experience

  • Improve the company’s Domestic Safety Management system to provide easier auditing of related documentation

  • Improve procedures for marshalling of passengers in an emergency

  • Conduct risk assessments on emergency procedures

  • Improve safety briefings prior to the waterborne phase of the combined road/river tours

Published 23 January 2015