Contact made by bulk carrier Xuchanghai with berthed shuttle oil tanker Aberdeen

Location: Immingham Oil Terminal, England.

Accident Investigation Report 30/2001

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On 12 December 2000, the bulk carrier Xuchanghai had collided with the shuttle oil tanker Aberdeen, which was berthed at the western end of the Immingham Oil Terminal. Xuchanghai was inbound for the Immingham Dock laden with 27,672 tonnes of Ilmenite. She had a pilot embarked and had secured a tug on her bow before she reached the oil terminal. A second tug was positioned at the stern, but her tow wire was not connected until immediately prior to the collision.

Safety Issues

  • the vessel’s speed was insufficient to maintain steerage in the prevailing conditions

  • Xuchanghai was scheduled off Immingham one hour earlier than was considered the optimum time

  • the stern tug was unable to assist until immediately prior to the collision


Recommendations addressed to Associated British Ports aim at improving the safety arrangements and procedures for vessels proceeding to Immingham Dock, and other vessels in the vicinity of the Immingham Oil Terminal. Others, to Xuchanghai ’s owner, are aimed at ensuring pilots are provided with appropriate information when boarding its vessels, and that masters and navigational watchkeeping officers have an adequate knowledge of the English language for safe pilotage operations.

This report was published in August 2001.

Published 23 January 2015