Collision between pair trawlers Devotion and Fruitful Bough resulting Devotion sinking

Location: North Sea.

Completed PE Summary: Devotion/Fruitful Bough

A short summary of the accident and action taken:

Vessel name   Devotion
Registered Owner & Manager:   Caley Fisheries Ltd
Port of registry:   Peterhead
Flag:   UK
Type:   Fish Catching/Processing
Built:   1978
Construction:   Wood
Length overall:   22.77
Gross tonnage:   46.88
Date & Time   24/06/02 01:23
Location of incident:   High Seas
Incident Type:   Collision
Injuries/ fatalities:   None
Damage/ Pollution:   Ship lost
Vessel name   Fruitful Bough
Registered Owner & Manager:   Elegance Fishing Co Ltd
Port of registry:   Peterhead
Flag:   UK
Type:   Fish Catching/Processing
Built:   1986
Construction:   Wood
Length overall:   21.3
Gross tonnage:   61.85
Date & Time   24/06/02 01:23
Injuries/ fatalities:   None
Damage/ Pollution:   Material Damage


Two pair trawlers were on passage to fishing grounds travelling on close parallel courses when one lost steering causing the vessels to collide. The collision resulted in the loss of one of the vessels.

Action taken

To prevent a similar accident occurring in the future the owners of both the vessels were recommended to ensure that:

  • a vigilant lookout is kept at all times while their vessels are at sea

  • their vessels do not make passage unnecessarily close to another vessel

  • the wheel house is not left unattended when their vessels are underway

In addition the owner of one of the vessels was recommended to ensure that:

  • he does not assume that a problem has been fixed and will not recur unless he is certain of its cause

  • he is extra cautious if there exists doubt about the reliability of any of his vessel’s key safety or navigational equipment

Published 23 January 2015