Capsize and sinking of creeler Kirsteen Anne with loss of 2 lives

Location: Near Oban, Firth of Lorne, Scotland.

Accident Investigation Report 19/2003

Read our marine accident investigation report, which includes what happened, actions taken and subsequent recommendations:

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On 31 December 2002, Kirsteen Anne and her crew of two failed to return to Oban from a fishing trip as planned. A search began and the vessel was found partly submerged that evening; there was no sign of her crew.

Safety Issues

  • Kirsteen Anne capsized as a result of poor stability caused by modifications made to her since she was built, the weight of the fishing gear carried, and a build-up of water in the bilge


Recommendations made to the MCA are aimed at the introduction of a stability standard for fishing vessels under 15m, the improvement of the Code of Practice applicable to these vessels, the inclusion of vessel stability in health and safety risk assessments, and raising the awareness of stability among fishermen.

This report was published in July 2003.

Published 23 January 2015