Accident while hauling gear in heavy weather on stern trawler Venture II with loss of 1 life

Location: Off north west coast of Scotland.

Completed PE Summary: Venture II

A short summary of the accident and action taken:

Registered Owner & Manager:   Venture II Fishing Company
Port of registry:   Banff
Flag:   UK
Type:   Fish catching/processing
Built:   2001
Length overall:   28.
Gross tonnage:   468.00
Date & Time   28/01/03 00:49
Location of incident:   Foreign high seas
Incident Type:   Accident to person
Injuries/ fatalities:   1 fatality
Damage/ Pollution:   None


Fatal accident to crew member while hauling fishing gear.

Action taken:

The Chief Inspector of marine accidents has made the following recommendation to the owner/skipper of the vessel:

  • Refrain from fishing in weather conditions, which impose a danger to the crew when working on deck

  • When hauling, especially in poor weather conditions, endeavour to haul the fishing gear head to weather, which will afford the crew a degree of protection

  • Ensure the control measures identified in the risk assessment are complied with

  • Revisit your risk assessment regularly and involve all members of the crew in the process

Published 23 January 2015