From Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation


If you generate, transmit, distribute or supply electricity, you must be licensed by the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation (NIAUR), unless an exemption is applicable.

Applications must be in the form, and contain the details, specified in the relevant schedule of Electricity (Applications for Licences and Extensions of Licences) (No. 2) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2007. Applications will be subject to a fee and you must publish a notice of the application within 14 days of making it.

Notices must be placed in the Belfast Gazette and in a local newspaper, or newspapers circulating in the area which includes the premises specified or described in the application. Where a map is required for your application, you must include in the notice a statement of the details where a copy of the map is available for inspection by the public. Copies of any newspaper in which the notice appears must be sent to NIAUR.

You must comply with any conditions attached to a licence.

You must develop and maintain a co-ordinated, efficient and economical supply system.

If you hold a licence to transmit electricity you must maintain a similar transmission system that has a long-term ability of meeting transmission demands and help/facilitate supply and generation competition.

If you are a public supplier, you must supply electricity and any lines or plants as soon as possible on request. You must give a notice detailing such things as pricing to a person who has not previously had electricity to the premises in question.

You must maintain any meter let or lent to a customer in proper order so that it correctly registers the quantity of electricity supplied and, in the case of pre-payment meters, operates properly upon receipt of payment.

If you are supplying electricity through a meter which is used for ascertaining the quantity of electricity supplied, you must ensure that the meter is constructed and installed in an approved manner.

You may not charge for any alteration or replacement of an electricity meter in order to meet the needs of a disabled person.

If you cut off the supply of electricity to any premises due to a default in payment, you must resume the supply within two working days of the customer paying the outstanding sums, including reasonable expenses of disconnection and re-connection.

Exemptions to supply by public suppliers may apply.

You must comply with rules relating to how you fix tariffs.

You must have consent to construct a generating station and to put up overhead lines.

You must comply with any directions by the Department in order to preserve the security of buildings or installations connected with the generation, transmission or supply of electricity, or mitigating the effects of an emergency.

If you generate, transmit, supply or distribute electricity without a licence you may commit an offence and be fined.

If you fail to provide any documents when requested you may commit an offence and be fined up to £5,000. If you destroy or alter any document requested you may be fined. If you fail to provide any information when requested you may be fined.