Apply for this licence

Start now on the Northern Ireland Environment Agency website (PDF, 164KB)


You must have a licence to keep a dangerous wild animal in Northern Ireland.

How to apply

Download an application form from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) website.

You’ll need to give:

  • details of the species of animal and the numbers of each species that are to be kept under the licence
  • details of the premises where any such animal will be kept
  • any other information required by the Department of the Environment (DOE)

You must be over 18 years old to apply for a licence and not have been disqualified from keeping any dangerous wild animal.

Your premises must be inspected by a veterinary surgeon before a licence will be granted.

You’ll need to demonstrate that:

  • the animals will be kept in secure accommodation and given adequate and suitable food, drink and bedding materials, and will be visited at suitable intervals
  • fire and emergency protection measures are in place
  • disease prevention and control measures are in place
  • the animals have access to adequate exercise

DOE will not issue you with a licence if:

  • you’re not considered suitable
  • it is against public interest on the grounds of safety, nuisance or otherwise

You must possess and own, or intend to both possess and own, the animal to be eligible for a licence - except in exceptional circumstances.