The Investment Climate Facility for Africa

Helped lower the cost of doing business in Africa and promote a better investment climate across the continent. Now closed.


The Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) worked to improve the investment conditions in Africa. The ICF aimed to bring about more business-friendly policies, laws and regulations across Africa, and to strengthen the institutions that administer them. ICF provides a unique forum for the private sector to work in partnership with governments and donors to improve the investment climate in Africa.

ICF worked with Africa’s business community to identify priority areas for intervention and to help secure government support for reform. ICF did not fund businesses or any projects that would benefit of 1 particular company or small group of companies. All projects funded by ICF were for the benefit of the business community as a whole, broad sectors (eg the ICT sector) or parts of the business community (eg small- and medium-sized enterprises). ICF projects were implemented in partnership with African governments and regional economic communities. Any government receiving ICF support and funding had to submitted to, or be supportive of, the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD’s) Peer Review Mechanism.

Published 3 September 2014