HMRC internal manual

Video Games Development Company Manual

VGDC60070 - Claims: payment of credit

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S1217CJ Corporation Tax Act 2009

Set off against other liabilities

Where a Video Games Development Company (VGDC) claims a payable tax credit it is entitled to, it must be paid to it unless:

  • the VGDC owes Corporation Tax then the credit and any repayment interest due to the company may be used to offset the liability, or
  • if the VGDC has outstanding or purported liabilities for PAYE, deductions under S966 Income Tax Act 2007 (visiting performers) or Class 1 National Insurance contributions for the period for which the credit is owed, the payment may be withheld, or
  • if the VGDC’s Corporation Tax return for the period in question is enquired into by HMRC then the payment may be withheld. A provisional partial payment may be made if appropriate.

Repayment interest

Payment of the payable video games tax credit will carry interest from the later of:

  • the filing date for the VGDC’s tax return for the period in relation to which the credit is payable, and
  • the date on which the tax return (or amended return) in which the claim is included was submitted to HMRC.