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HMRC internal manual

VAT Government and Public Bodies

Police authorities: summary of activities: liabilities P

Activity Business (B) or Non-business (N) Rate: Standard (S), Zero (Z) or Exempt (E)
Palace of Westminster (salaries and the like) N  
Payphone takings B S
Payroll administration expenses B S
Pedlars licences (issue of) N  
Pension fund:    
* administration B E
* contributions N  
Photo booth commission B S
Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) (onward charge of Costs):    
* to section 33 body N  
* to non-section 33 body B S
Police Federation:    
* civil staff B S
* officers N  
Police Gazette Magazine B Z
Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (sale of defendant’s assets) N  
Police Sports Fund subscriptions N  
Police Superintendents’ Association Secretariat (staff & expenses) B S
Precepts N  
Prisoner accommodation N  
Prisoner movements:    
* escort (done under statute) N  
* escort (not under statute) B S
* transport (vehicle less than 12 seats) B S
* transport (vehicle more than 12 seats) B Z
Property Marking (supply of equipment and tools) B S
Property Sales under Court Instructions N  
Protective clothing and equipment (supplies of) B S
Public Order Forward Planning Unit (staff & expenses) B S