HMRC internal manual

VAT Food

VFOOD8160 - Excepted items: snack products: examples of the VAT liability of common snack products

In this table, SR means standard-rated and ZR means zero-rated.

### Product ### VAT
All potato crisps SR
Chiplets SR
Monster Munch SR
Skips Z/R
Wotsits SR
Onion Rings SR
Savoury Rice Cakes SR
Pringles (ordinary variety) SR
Tortilla Chips ZR
Poppadoms ZR
Rice Crackers ZR
Pork Scratchings ZR
Croutons ZR
Cheeselets ZR
Twiglets ZR
Mignon Morceaux ZR
Savoury Toasts, Bagel Chips, Sicilian Toasts, Meze Sticks ZR
Doritos ZR
Potato Triangles (cheese biscuits that include potato flour) ZR
Deltas ZR
Ripplins ZR
Wheat Crunchies ZR
Harvest Rings ZR
Plain Rice Cakes ZR
Sweet Rice Cakes see VFOOD8140
Pringles Dippers ZR