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HMRC internal manual

VAT Assessments and Error Correction

How to assess and correct: Assessment procedures: VAT645 Officers assessment acceptance message

This is a VALID input document which is used by the local office to notify the computer system of the acceptance and issue of an officer’s assessment or error correction.

Upon receipt of the VAT655 or VAT657 the VALID post input control seat should check the information against the input documents, VAT641 or VAT642.

If the information is correct, the output documents are issued to the trader and a VAT 645 is completed. If the information is incorrect a VAT 646 should be input to abort the document. You should refer to page AEC61260 if you require more information on the VAT 646.

Completion of the VAT 645

Please bear the following in mind when completing the form.

Registration number

This is the trader’s VAT registration number.

OA Reference

This is the reference number of the officer’s assessment or error correction to be accepted. You will find this number on both copies of the VAT 655 or 657 and also by interrogating VISION.

Assessment date

This must be the date the VAT 655 or 657 is issued. Once this date has been keyed into VALID it cannot be amended. The insertion of an incorrect date could lead to an incorrect further interest charge.

Number of lines available

Up to 20 lines are available on this form. If you wish to accept more than 20 lines you should complete a further VAT645 as appropriate.


This form does not require countersignature and local management should determine the level at which this form should be authorised on VALID.

VAT 645 Processing

The information on this form will be picked up by VALID on the evening of authorisation. Before the trader’s file is updated a number of validation checks are carried out and the information on any one line may be rejected and reported on the D0502 print.

Any line which passes the validation checks will be updated as below.

If you require information on the VAT 645 error codes, you should refer to the document VALID Rejection Errors Reported on D0502 Print

For any line which passes the validation checks, the assessment or error correction will be posted on the trader’s file and the issue date will be noted for the calculation of further interest.