HMRC internal manual

Tonnage Tax Manual

TTMUPDATE090417 - Tonnage Tax Manual: recent changes

Below are details of the amendments that were published on 17 April 2009 (see theupdate index for all updates)

Section Details of update
TTM01010 Further legislative changes
TTM01010 Qualification of what is a qualifying ship
Further guidance on how a company enters tonnage tax  
TTM01020 Further legislation
Removal of references to the Statement of Practice  
TTM01030 Summary of FA 2005 changes
TTM02001 All elections and clearance applications will be handled by the Tonnage Tax Unit in Liverpool Large Business Service
TTM02070 Group arrangements and a representative group
TTM02180 Further window of opportunity to elect into tonnage tax
TTM02190 Details of the further window of opportunity running to 31 December 2006
TTM02210 Backdating an election made in a further window of opportunity
TTM02220 Deferring an election in a further window of opportunity
TTM02265 When an election by a foreign company tax effect
TTM02700 Withdrawal notices
TTM02710 Effect of a withdrawal notice
TTM02720 Withdrawal notice in a window of opportunity
TTM03050 Guidance on group elections
TTM03170 Further guidance on bareboat charters out
TTM03500 Further guidance on the meaning of a qualifying ship
TTM03510 Further guidance on what is a seagoing ship
TTM03515 Further guidance on certification of ships
TTM03520 Guidance on ships with restricted Passenger Certificates
TTM03530 Further guidance on ships operating in sheltered waters
TTM03545 Guidance on carriage by sea of passengers
TTM03550 Guidance on carriage by sea of cargo
TTM03560 Further guidance on tugs and anchor handling tug supply vessels (AHTS’s)
TTM03570 Further guidance on the profits from transport in connection with other services of a kind necessarily provided at sea
TTM03580 Qualification of when a ship becomes a qualifying ship
TTM03595 A qualifying ship must be operating at sea. Guidance is given here.
TTM03680 Guidance on tugs that are not qualifying ships
TTM03685 A qualifying tug must be flagged on one of the Member States registers
TTM03690 Guidance on dredgers that are qualifying ships
TTM03700 Further guidance on when a ship ceases to satisfy the conditions for a qualifying ship
TTM03800 Further guidance on the principles behind the strategic and commercial management tests
TTM03810 Further guidance on the strategic management test
TTM03820 Further guidance on the commercial management test
TTM03900 Introduction to the flagging rules
TTM03905 Provision for “excepted” years
TTM03910 Overview of the flagging rules
TTM03915 Flagging condition 1
TTM03920 Flagging condition 2
TTM03925 Flagging condition 3
TTM03930 Flagging – substitute ships
TTM03940 Flagging – tugs and dredgers
TTM03945 Flagging – Member States Registers
TTM05310 Further guidance on exclusion from tonnage tax exceeding the75% limit for time chartered in ships
TTM06105 Relevant shipping profits: non qualifying secondary activities
TTM06120 Further guidance on the limit of certain qualifying secondary activities
TTM06200 Further guidance on qualifying incidental activities
TTM06510 Clarification of a sort of interest that qualifies as relevant shipping income
TTM06520 Further guidance on the treatment of interest received
TTM06600 Clarification of what is regarded as relevant shipping profits for vessels used for transport in connection with other services of a kind necessarily provided at sea
TTM07410 Further guidance on the meaning of finance costs
TTM07440 The broad approach to the finance cost legislation
TTM07450 Computational principles for the finance cost adjustment
TTM07460 Guidance on determining the just and reasonable fraction for the finance cost adjustment
TTM07470 Examples of the finance cost adjustment
TTM08001 Clarification of what is a tonnage tax asset
TTM09300 Guidance on the capital allowance position on the expiry of an election or the taking effect of a withdrawal notice
TTM10001 Further guidance on the capital allowance treatment of ships leased
TTM10010 Clarification that the regime applies to all leases
TTM10210 Further guidance on capital allowances following a sale and leaseback
TTM10215 Guidance on the treatment of long funding leases
TTM10300 Further guidance on certificates covering ship leases
TTM10415 Quantitative restrictions on allowances for leased ships
TTM11110 The treatment of offshore activities pre FA 2005
TTM11120 Guidance on the pre FA 2005 position for certain vessels
TTM11125 Guidance on offshore activities following FA 2005
TTM11126 Guidance on the special rules for offshore activities following FA 2005
TTM11300 Additional guidance on plant and machinery that is permanently ceased to be used for offshore activities
TTM13015 Guidance on corporate partnerships
TTM14080 Guidance on exits from tonnage tax following a withdrawal election
TTM14090 The effect of a withdrawal notice
TTM14120 Further guidance on the effects of exiting tonnage tax
TTM15210 Further guidance on slot charters and pooling
TTM20000 Schedule 7 FA 2005