HMRC internal manual

Tonnage Tax Manual

TTM02270 - Tonnage tax elections: When election takes effect

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Appeals against HMRC’s refusal to vary date of entry

Where HMRC has refused to backdate or defer of entry into tonnage tax the provisions of TMA70/SCH1A and FA98/SCH18/PART18 apply.

Enquiries by HMRC into election

Where it appears to HMRC that backdating or deferral is not justified, notice under TMA70/SCH1A/PARA5(1) will be given.

Decision not to agree

Where, following enquiries, HMRC is satisfied that the date of entry should not be varied, a notice to that effect will be given under TMA70/SCH1A/PARA7(3)(a).

Right of appeal

The tonnage tax company or group may appeal against a PARA7(3)(a) notice under PARA9(1)(b) within 30 days of HMRC’s notice.  A company that disagrees with HMRC’s decision may ask for the decision to be reviewed internally, or appeal against a decision to the First Tier Tribunal.  If the company seeks an internal review, and does not agree with the decision of that review, it may then pursue an appeal.


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