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HMRC internal manual

Savings and Investment Manual

Accrued Income Scheme: overview and contents


This section of the Savings and Investment Manual explains the Accrued Income Scheme, which applies special tax rules to the taxation of accrued interest on securities held by individuals.


  1. SAIM4010
    The background to the Accrued Income Scheme
  2. SAIM4020
    Transfer 'with accrued interest' and 'without accrued interest'
  3. SAIM4030
    Outline of the legislation
  4. SAIM4040
    What are 'securities'?
  5. SAIM4050
    What is a 'transfer'?
  6. SAIM4060
    Different kinds of transfer
  7. SAIM4070
    'Interest' and related terms
  8. SAIM4080
    'Settlement day'
  9. SAIM4090
    The holding of securities
  10. SAIM4100
    Nominal value
  11. SAIM4110
    Calculating accrued income profits and losses
  12. SAIM4120
    Calculating accrued income profits and losses: relief for losses
  13. SAIM4130
    Calculating accrued income profits and losses: examples
  14. SAIM4140
    Payments on transfers with accrued interest
  15. SAIM4150
    Payments on transfers without accrued interest
  16. SAIM4160
    Examples of payments on transfers with and without accrued interest
  17. SAIM4170
    Payments on transfers with unrealised interest
  18. SAIM4180
    Payments on transfers of variable rate securities
  19. SAIM4190
    Transfer to legatees
  20. SAIM4200
    Excluded persons: overview
  21. SAIM4210
    'Small holdings' exclusion
  22. SAIM4220
    Other excluded persons
  23. SAIM4230
    Other excluded persons: non-residents
  24. SAIM4240
    Special cases: overview
  25. SAIM4250
    Special types of transfer: gilt strips
  26. SAIM4260
    Special types of transfer: new issues of securities
  27. SAIM4270
    Special types of transfer: transfers to and from excluded persons
  28. SAIM4280
    Excluded transfers: stock lending and repos
  29. SAIM4290
    Special calculations: interest in default
  30. SAIM4300
    Special calculations: interest in default: application of rules
  31. SAIM4310
    Special calculations: foreign currency securities
  32. SAIM4320
    Special cases: nominees and trustees
  33. SAIM4330
    Special cases: unauthorised unit trusts
  34. SAIM4340
    Relief for unremittable transfers
  35. SAIM4350
    Exemption for interest receivable on AIS securities
  36. SAIM4360
    Examination of returns
  37. SAIM4370
    Double taxation relief
  38. SAIM4380
    Remittance basis
  39. SAIM4390
    Remittance basis: examples
  40. SAIM4400
    Remittance basis: further examples