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HMRC internal manual

Savings and Investment Manual

Interest: overview and contents


This section of the Savings and Investment Manual explains the taxation of interest received by individuals and trustees.

  1. SAIM2010
  2. SAIM2020
    The layout of the guidance
  3. SAIM2030
    Meaning of interest
  4. SAIM2040
    When does interest run?
  5. SAIM2050
    Voluntary payments
  6. SAIM2060
    Case law on the meaning of interest
  7. SAIM2065
    Solicitors' client accounts
  8. SAIM2070
    Lump sum receipts and compensation
  9. SAIM2075
    Financial mis-selling: introduction and examples
  10. SAIM2076
    Financial mis-selling: further examples
  11. SAIM2080
    Financial mis-selling: practical considerations
  12. SAIM2085
    Interest payable from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  13. SAIM2090
    Interest payable from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme: examples
  14. SAIM2095
    Interest payable from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme: types of financial products and payments taxable as interest
  15. SAIM2100
    Interest payable from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme: tax certificates
  16. SAIM2105
    Payment protection insurance (PPI) compensation
  17. SAIM2110
    Interest and PPI
  18. SAIM2115
    Both loan and PPI still running
  19. SAIM2120
    Loan repaid early and PPI cancelled
  20. SAIM2125
    Loan and PPI run full term
  21. SAIM2130
    Loan still in existence but PPI changed
  22. SAIM2135
    Credit card and PPI still running
  23. SAIM2140
    Credit card still being used but PPI cancelled
  24. SAIM2145
    Credit card closed and PPI cancelled
  25. SAIM2200
    Specific inclusions: introduction
  26. SAIM2210
    Funding bonds
  27. SAIM2220
  28. SAIM2230
    Discounts: taxation
  29. SAIM2240
    Discounts: case law
  30. SAIM2250
    Alternative finance return
  31. SAIM2255
    Table of cross references to guidance
  32. SAIM2300
    Exemptions: tax-free savings income
  33. SAIM2310
    Tax-free savings income: ISAs, PEPs, CTFs
  34. SAIM2320
    Other statutory exemptions
  35. SAIM2330
    Personal injury damages
  36. SAIM2340
    Compensation for mis-sold pensions
  37. SAIM2400
    Taxation of interest: the tax charge
  38. SAIM2410
    Person chargeable: examples
  39. SAIM2420
    Joint accounts
  40. SAIM2430
    Children's accounts
  41. SAIM2440
    When interest arises
  42. SAIM2450
    Accrued interest
  43. SAIM2500
    Sale of interest rights: introduction
  44. SAIM2510
    Disposal of deposit rights
  45. SAIM2520
    Disposal of deposit rights: the legislation
  46. SAIM2600
    Interest in kind
  47. SAIM2700
    Disguised interest: contents