HMRC internal manual

Savings and Investment Manual

SAIM10000 - Relief for interest paid: overview and contents


This section of the Savings and Investment Manual covers a number of circumstances in which tax relief is available for payments of interest

The guidance in this section replaces the guidance that was previously found in the Relief Instructions at RE402-3 and RE420+ and prior to that in the Inspectors Manual at IM3800+.


  1. SAIM10010
  2. SAIM10020
    General conditions
  3. SAIM10030
    General conditions: the claimant
  4. SAIM10040
    General conditions: joint loan examples
  5. SAIM10050
    General conditions: certificates from lenders
  6. SAIM10060
    Interest at more than a reasonable commercial rate
  7. SAIM10070
    Interest in excess of a reasonable commercial rate - examples
  8. SAIM10080
    Interest relieved on a paid basis
  9. SAIM10090
    Reasonable commercial rate
  10. SAIM10100
    Arrangements minimising risk to borrower
  11. SAIM10110
    arrangements minimising risk to borrower: definitions
  12. SAIM10120
    arrangements minimising risk to borrower: arrangements producing a broadly compensatory amount
  13. SAIM10130
    arrangements minimising risk to borrower: examples
  14. SAIM10200
    Loans to buy plant or machinery
  15. SAIM10210
    Interest in a close company
  16. SAIM10220
    Interest in a close company: 'eligibility requirements'
  17. SAIM10230
    Interest in a close company: 'full time working conditions'
  18. SAIM10240
    Interest in a close company: 'material interest conditions'
  19. SAIM10250
    Interest in a close company: recovery of capital
  20. SAIM10260
    Interest in a close company: 'capital recovery condition' : example
  21. SAIM10270
    Interest in an employee controlled-company
  22. SAIM10280
    Interest in a partnership: introduction
  23. SAIM10290
    Interest in a partnership: 'eligibility requirements'
  24. SAIM10300
    Interest in a partnership: film partnerships
  25. SAIM10310
    Interest in a partnership: recovery of capital
  26. SAIM10320
    Interest in a partnership: return of partnership capital
  27. SAIM10330
    Interest in a co-operative
  28. SAIM10340
    Continuity of relief on business successions
  29. SAIM10350
    Loan to pay inheritance tax