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HMRC internal manual

Pensions Tax Manual

Information and administration: information the deceased's personal representative(s) must provide to HMRC

Glossary PTM000001


Regulation 10 The Registered Pension Schemes (Provision of Information) Regulations 2006 - SI 2006/567


The personal representatives of a deceased member must provide information to HMRC if

  • a defined benefits lump sum death benefit and/or an uncrystallised funds lump sum death benefit has been paid following the death of the member, or
  • a BCE 5C or BCE 5D has occurred following the death of the member

and as a result liability to a lifetime allowance charge arises.

The information that must be provided to HMRC is:

  • the name of the pension scheme and the name and address of the scheme administrator for each scheme that paid the lump sum death benefit or under which the BCE 5C or BCE 5D arose
  • the name of the deceased member in respect of whose death the BCE 5C or BCE 5D arose or the lump sum death benefit was paid
  • the amount liable to the lifetime allowance charge because of the payment of the lump sum death benefit or the BCE 5C or BCE 5D
  • for a lump sum death benefit the amount and date of the payment
  • for a BCE 5C, the amount designated and the date of designation
  • for a BCE 5D, the amount or market value of the assets applied to the purchase of the annuity, and the date on which the dependant or nominee became entitled.

The personal representatives must give HMRC this information within the later of

  • 13 months of the date of the member’s death,
  • 30 days of the date they realised that a lifetime allowance charge applied because of a BCE 5C, BCE 5D or payment of the lump sum death benefit.

Where a requirement to provide information to HMRC arises after this time the period is extended to 30 months beginning with the date of the member’s death. Where the personal representatives do not discover the information required until more than 30 months after the member’s death, the period for reporting is extended to 3 months following the discovery of the information.

There’s no specific form that personal representatives should use to make their report to HMRC. The personal representatives should simply write to HMRC, giving the required details, to the following address:

Pension Schemes Services
HM Revenue & Customs