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PAYE Manual

PAYE57325 - P11D processing: processing and retrieving forms P11D: accept in-year benefits as final

When the Date Examined field on the Capture screen is populated with a date that falls within a P11D year, the [Accept] button becomes available.

This allows you to accept the total In-Year benefits that have already been recorded against an employee record as the final benefit position for the year. This is particularly important where the C02 emission field has been entered. Do not overwrite the C02 figure displayed unless you are sure that it is correct.

To accept the benefits you must

  • Select the [Accept] button on the Capture screen, the following message will be displayed

‘Are you sure you wish to accept these In Year benefits?’

  • Select the [OK] button, the Date Examined field is now blank and will be populated with a date once the benefit details have flowed to NPS