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PAYE Manual

Employer records: employer record work lists: introduction

The purpose of a work list is to draw to your attention matters that may require judgmental or clerical action.

When certain events occur in the Employer Business Service (EBS) a work item is created and entered on a work list for that work type.

Work lists are displayed on-screen. Access to a work list is through Function WORKLISTS, which is available from the Function Menu.

Function WORKLISTS allows any person with the EBS Employer Maint(ainer) user role or EBS EDI Maintainer role to

  • Select a work list type
  • View the entries on that selected work list
  • Note a selected entry or entries as being worked
  • Delete a selected entry or entries

If you use Function WORKLISTS for long periods, you will find the Edit Refresh facility useful. Another user may update the list, but you will not be aware of deletions and items noted as working until you refresh your view of the list.

Work List types

The following types of Employer Records work lists are produced on EBS

  • EDI Cess / Canc Exceptions
  • New Employer
  • PIN Name And Address Return
  • Scheme History Exceptions
  • Scheme Type Exceptions
  • All Addresses RLS
  • Domestic Ceased
  • Overpayment Disposal
  • WWTD
  • Employer Deceased
  • Employer Business Address RLS

Note: Information about other work lists associated with employer returns work can be found in the ‘Employer Returns’ business area of this manual.

The ‘New Employer’ work list provides an opportunity for you to satisfy yourself that the record has been set up correctly and the necessary clerical action has been taken. Detailed advice is available in the Action Guides in section ‘Set up employer record’ at PAYE20000 onwards.

The ‘Scheme History Exceptions’ and ‘Scheme Type Exceptions’ work lists are created because of mismatched information during the period of PAYE Service and EBS co-existence.

The Online Customer Services Team within CustCon Online Services are responsible for the setting and removal of Electronic Business indicators on an EBS employer record. A specific EBS user role ‘EDI Maintainer’ must be allocated to those staff responsible for this area of work within the live services team. Due to the volume of references involved, you must not telephone the team. When it is necessary to enquire about setting or removing indicators you must issue an email (This content has been withheld because of exemptions in the Freedom of Information Act 2000) , requesting any information or attaching a list or spreadsheet of Employer Names and References affected when online filing signals are to be reset.

There is one EBS Employer Record work list which staff allocated the EDI Maintainer user role are responsible for

  • ’EDI Cess / Canc Exceptions’

PAYE Online for Employers Live Service Team dealing with this work list should use the respective Action Guide within this section.

Although you may be contacted by the live services team to assist in the clearance of a work list item, that office is responsible for working entries on this work list.

From 6 April 2011, the following work lists are generated and replace paper monthly control lists and Early Morning Output (EMO) following the decommission of COP

  • All Addresses RLS
  • Domestic Ceased
  • Overpayment Disposal
  • WWTD
  • Employer Deceased
  • Employer Business Address RLS