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Individual records: contact history: abbreviations

The Actions field in Contact History may include abbreviations and acronyms. Used correctly they can save both time and space as well as provide consistency in our notes. This guidance provides a point of reference for some of the more commonly used words in our day to day work. The definitive list can be found on the internal Departmental Abbreviations A-Z web pages.


  1. You should not use personal abbreviations under any circumstances. If you have a suggestion for a new abbreviation or acronym, follow the guidance from the above link.

  2. When entering abbreviations you should use spaces not just commas or full stops to separate text.



## A   NOR Not ordinarily resident
ADV Advised / Advice NR Not resident
AGNT Agent ## O  
ALLCE Allowances OBJ Objection
AMDT Amendment OR Ordinary resident
AMT Amount OYO One year only
ASSD Assessed ## P  
## B   P/T Part time
BA52WK Bereavement Allowance PMT Payments
BAL Balanced POA Payments on account
BALPYT Balancing Payment POH Post on hand
## C   POT Potential
CALB Call Back PRTY Priority
CALC Calculation PREV Previously
CANC Cancel / Cancelled PROV Provide
CH Coding History PY Previous year
CLMD Claimed PWK Per week
CAPT Captured ## R  
CONF Confirmed RE Regarding
CHN Contact History Notes RE-CAL Recalculated
CERT Certificate RECD Received
CTP Call Type Process RECON Reconciliation
## D   REPAY Repayment
DECD Deceased REQ Request
DEDN Deduction REQD Required
DET Details REV Review
DIR Director RPS Repayment supplement
DISC Discrepancy ## S  
DIVS Dividends S/E Self employed
DOR Date of receipt SECD Secondary
DOSIG Date of signature SOA Statement of account
## E   SOE Statement of earnings
EMPREF Employer reference STD Standard
EMPT Employment STMT Statement
EOY End of Year SUBD Submitted
EXPD Explained ## T  
## F   T/BEN Taxable benefit
FWD Forward TECH Technical
## G   TEL Telephone
GEN General TELIN Telephone in
## H   TELO Telephone out
HUSB Husband TOT Total
## I   ## U  
INC Income U/P Underpayment
INCL Include UPD Updated
INCLD Included UEMP Unemployed
INFO Information UTC Unsuccessful telephone call
ISSD Issued ## V  
INT Interest VDP Voluntary direct payment
IRO In respect of VOL Voluntary
## L   ## W  
LIAB Liability W/C Week commencing
LTR Letter W/E Week ending
LYC Last year cleared WK Week
## M   WKLY Weekly
MTH Month WRK Work
MTHLY Monthly ## X  
## N   XFER Transfer / case transferred
N/K Not known XMPT Exempt
NEC Necessary ## Y  
NFA No Further Action YR Year