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HMRC internal manual

Partnership Manual

Destination table of original partnership guidance

Original Partnership Manual reference New Reference Page Title
PM00100 PM100000 About this manual
PM10000 PM120000 Introduction to Partnerships: contents 
PM10100 PM120100 What is a partnership?
PM10200 PM130000 Partnership general: contents
PM10200 PM133000 Does a partnership exist?
PM10300 PM134000 When does a partnership commence?
PM10500 PM132050 Partners: Overview
PM10500 PM132400 Husbands, wives, civil partners and minors
PM10600 PM131000 Overview of types of partnership: contents
PM10700 PM136000 Taxing the profits of a business carried on in partnership
PM10800 PM137000 Profit sharing arrangements
PM10900 PM138000 How partners are taxed
PM11010 PM163155 Notional trade and basis period
PM11020 PM163160 Notional trade and basis period - sole trader and partnership changes
PM11030 PM163170 Partnership mergers and demergers
PM11040 PM163180 Accounting date changes
PM11050 PM163190 Trading profits: overlap
PM11100 PM139000 Non trade profits
PM20010 PM141000 Legal framework
PM20100 PM142000 Registration of partnerships with HMRC
PM20150 PM145140 Overseas partners in investment partnerships
PM20200 PM143000 The Nominated/Representative Partner
PM20300 PM144000 Linking partners to the partnership
PM20400 PM145000 The Partnership Return: contents
PM20410 PM145100 Requirements
PM20420 PM145200 Standard Accounts Information (SAI) or full accounts and computations
PM20430 PM145300 Operational guidance
PM20500 PM146000 Partners’ Returns: contents
PM20510 PM146100 Returning the partners profit share
PM20520 PM146200 Composite returns for individual non-UK resident partners
PM20600 PM147000 Filing date for partnership return
PM20700 PM148000 Late filing penalties
PM20800 PM149000 Compliance checks: contents
PM20810 PM149100 Introduction
PM20820 PM149200 Review and liaison
PM20830 PM149300 Opening a compliance check
PM20840 PM149400 Information powers
PM20850 PM149500 Settling partnership enquiries
PM20860 PM150000 Disputes between partners
PM20865 PM151000 Interaction of disputes mechanism and enquiry processes
PM255630 PM255900  Profit share: contents
PM30000 PM140000 Self Assessment for Partnerships: contents
PM30100 PM163070 Steps to calculate the partnership trading profits
PM30200 PM161000 Accounting profits
PM30400 PM163330 Overriding principle on payments to partners
PM30500 PM163300 Interest paid by the partnership
PM30600 PM163280 Rent
PM30700 PM163290 Service companies
PM30800 PM163310 Partner recruitment costs
PM30900 PM163320 Partner training costs
PM31000 PM163440 Termination payments
PM31100 PM163400 Partnership annuities: contents
PM31110 PM163405 The partnership
PM31120 PM163410 Current partners
PM31130 PM163420 Retired partners
PM31200 PM163450 Costs connected with the capital structure of a business
PM31400 PM191100 Claims and elections: contents
PM31500 PM163040 Allocation of profits and losses
PM31600 PM163200 Capital allowances: contents 
PM31610 PM163210 Claims for capital allowances on partnership assets
PM31620 PM163220 Partnership changes
PM31630 PM163230 Connected persons
PM31640 PM163240 The Annual Investment Allowance (AIA)
PM31650 PM163250 Leasing
PM40000 PM210000 Mixed member partnerships: contents
PM40100 PM211000 Companies in partnership: contents
PM40210 PM211050 Companies in partnership
PM40220 PM211100 Computation and allocation of profits
PM40230 PM211200 Difference in treatment between individuals and non-individuals
PM40240 PM211400 Loans to participators
PM40300 PM212000 Company partners and tax mitigation
PM40420 PM281100 UK resident members
PM40440 PM281200 Non-resident members: individuals
PM40460 PM281300 Non-resident members: companies
PM40465 PM281400 Non-resident company members trading in the UK
PM40470 PM281500 Non-resident company members not trading in the UK
PM40600 PM283000 Management and control
PM40700 PM284000 Where are the profits earned?
PM40800 PM285000 Composite SA returns for non-resident individual members
PM40900 PM286000 Investment partnerships
PM41000 PM287000 UK registered partnerships with no UK source
PM41100 PM288000 Tax status of overseas partnerships
PM41200 PM289000 UK branches of overseas partnerships
PM41300 PM290000 Summary of filing requirements for partnerships with foreign aspects
PM41400 PM291000 Double taxation
PM41500 PM292000 Hybrid entities and tax arbitrage
PM50010 PM131200 Introduction
PM50100 PM131310 Limited partnership: overview
PM50300 PM131330 Venture Capital/Private Equity and the BVCA agreement
PM50500 PM131340 Private Fund limited partnerhsips
PM50500 PM131480 Statutory provisions for tax transparency: contents
PM50510 PM131485 Tax transparency ‘switched on’
PM50520 PM131490 Tax transparency ‘switched off’
PM50550 PM131570 Liquidations
PM50600 PM131430 LLP: conversions
PM50800 PM131380 Distinct legal personality and Taxes Management provisions
PM50900 PM131390 Nominee members
PM60000 PM270000 Indirect, Capital and Transfer Taxes and Other tax obligations: contents
PM60100 PM271000 VAT and partnerships: contents
PM60110 PM271200 VAT and the existance of a partnership
PM60120 PM271300 VAT registration and liability
PM60130 PM271400 Partner changes
PM60140 PM271500 Group VAT registration and Partnerships
PM60150 PM271600 VAT position of partnership contributions
PM60160 PM271700 VAT avoidance using partnerships
PM60200 PM272000 Capital gains: contents
PM60205 PM272100 Capital gains - introduction
PM60210 PM272200 Goodwill
PM60220 PM272300 Capital gains reliefs
PM60300 PM273000 Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT): contents
PM60310 PM273200 SDLT and Partnerships
PM60320 PM273300 Special partnership provisions
PM60330 PM273400 SDLT avoidance
PM60400 PM274000 Inheritance Tax (IHT): contents
PM60410 PM274200 General transparency principle
PM60420 PM274300 Transfers of partnership assets
PM60430 PM274400 Valuing the partnership interest
PM60440 PM274500 Situs of partnership interest
PM60450 PM274600 Business Property Relief
PM60460 PM274700 Family Limited Partnerships
PM60500 PM275000 PAYE and National Insurance: contents
PM60510 PM275200  PAYE
PM60515 PM275300  National Insurance Contributions (NICs)
PM60520 PM275400  Class 4 NIC relief for partner’s losses
PM60525 PM275500  Employers Class 1 NICs
PM60600 PM276000 Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
PM60700 PM277000 Deduction of Income Tax at source
Original Business Income Manual reference New Reference Page Title
BIM82005 PM132200  Who is a partner?
BIM82005 PM133000 Does a partnership exist
BIM82020 PM132300 Capacity of partners
BIM82025 PM132100 Types of partner
BIM82035 PM131700 Scottish Partnerships
BIM82040 PM134100 Partnerships - formation
BIM82045 PM134200 Partnerships - dissolution
BIM82050 PM134300 Death or retirement of partner
BIM82058 PM163270 Property
BIM82065 PM132200 Who is a partner?
BIM82075 PM163350 Partners’ personal expenses 
BIM82080 PM163360 Expenses paid by partners
BIM82085 PM163370 Partnerhip advances funds to partners
BIM82090 PM163380 Partners in disagreememnt
BIM82095 PM163390 Partner expenses- legal basis
BIM82100 PM131400 Limited liability partnerships: contents
BIM82101 PM131310 Limited partnership: overview
BIM82105 PM131320 Limited partnership: restriction of relief for limited partners
BIM82110 PM131410 LLP: overview
BIM82110 PM131420 LLP types of member 
BIM82112 PM131440 LLP: agreement
BIM82115 PM131450 LLP: taxation
BIM82120 PM131460 LLP: compliance
BIM82125 PM131470 LLP: computation of profits
BIM82130 PM131500 LLP: partners interest relief
BIM82135 PM131520 LLP: restriction of relief for LLP members
BIM82140 PM131530 LLP: partners’ basis periods, losses and overlap relief
BIM82145 PM131540 LLP: international aspects
BIM82150 PM131550 LLP: NIC
BIM82155 PM131560 LLP: property investment LLP
BIM82160 PM131600 EEIGs: background information
BIM82200 PM160000 Calculating the taxable profits/allowable losses: contents 
BIM82200 PM162000 Computation and assessment: contents
BIM82210 PM163010 Profits and losses computed at partnership level
BIM82215 PM191200 Claims and elections affecting partnership profits
BIM82220 PM191300 Claims and elections affecting partner’s tax liability
BIM82225 PM163020 Changes of partners
BIM82230 PM209000 Changes of partners: loss relief
BIM82235 PM163030 Iindividual, company and non-resident members
BIM82245 PM163050 An allocation must not create or increase a loss
BIM82250 PM163060 Allocation examples of profits and losses
BIM82255 PM163080 Partner’s notional trade
BIM82260 PM163090 Commencement and cessation
BIM82265 PM163100 Basis period rules
BIM82270 PM163110 Change of partnership accounting date
BIM82275 PM163470 Computation of income
BIM82280 PM163480 Allocation of income
BIM82285 PM163490 Partner’s basis periods
BIM82295 PM163510 Partner’s basis period: untaxed income
BIM82295 PM163520 Partner’s basis period: taxed income
BIM82300 PM163530 Partner’s basis period: losses
BIM82305 PM163120 Effect of changes in membership on partner’s basis periods
BIM82310 PM163540 Overlap relief
BIM82315 PM163550 Losses and overlap relief
BIM82320 PM163130 Investment business: partner’s basis period
BIM82330 PM163140 Examples of partnership computations
BIM82340 PM163150 Examples of partnership computations with indirect partners
BIM82400 PM135000 Partnerships: mergers & demergers: contents
BIM82405 PM135100 Mergers and demergers: Overview
BIM82410 PM135200 Cessation of previous businesses and commencement of new business
BIM82415 PM135300 Previous businesses continue as a merged joint business
BIM82420 PM135400 Cessation of one business and the continuation of the other business
BIM82425 PM135500 Mergers: Example
BIM82430 PM135600 Demergers: Overview
BIM82435 PM135700 Mergers and demergers: Text of Statement of Practice 9/86
BIM82600 PM190000 Partnership loss claims and restrictions: Contents 
BIM82601 PM191000 Introduction
BIM82610 PM192000 Calculation of limit of relief: partners’ capital contributions
BIM82611 PM193000 Calculation of limit of relief: £25,000 annual limit
BIM82615 PM194000 Limited partners
BIM82620 PM195000 Limited partners: example
BIM82625 PM196000 LLP members
BIM82630 PM197000 LLP members: example
BIM82635 PM198000 Unrelieved amounts
BIM82640 PM199000 Non-active partners in early tax years
BIM82645 PM200000 Non-active partners in early tax years: example
BIM82650 PM201000 Non-active partners: unrelieved amounts
BIM82655 PM202000 Risk-free capital contributions
BIM82660 PM203000 Cost of contribution financed by loan
BIM82665 PM204000 Cost of contribution reimbursed to partner
BIM82670 PM205000 Exemptions
BIM82675 PM206000 Recovery of excess relief
BIM82680 PM207000 Recovery of excess relief: example
BIM82685 PM208000 Licence-related losses: exit charge
BIM82710 PM214000 Overview
BIM82720 PM216000 Who is a non-individual partner?
BIM82725 PM217000 When do the rules apply?
BIM82730 PM218000 Condition X
BIM82740 PM219000 Condition Y
BIM82745 PM220000 Appropriate notional profit 
BIM82750 PM221000 The appropriate notional return on capital 
BIM82760 PM222000 The appropriate notional consideration for services
BIM82765 PM223000 Appropriate notional consideration for services: restriction
BIM82770 PM224000 The power to enjoy 
BIM82775 PM225000 Connected parties 
BIM82780 PM226000 Arrangements to secure corporation tax rather than income tax treatment 
BIM82785 PM227000 Enjoyment conditions
BIM82790 PM228000 Is the profit share influenced by the power to enjoy?
BIM82800 PM229000 Relevant tax amount
BIM82805 PM230000 Reallocations: individuals
BIM82810 PM231000 Reallocations: non-individuals
BIM82815 PM232000 Payments by the non-individual out of its reallocated profit share
BIM82825 PM233000 Interaction with AIFM deferral arrangements 
BIM82830 PM234000 Anti-avoidance 
BIM82850 PM235000 Other related guidance
BIM82855 PM236000 Businesses transferred to the partnership
BIM82860 PM237000 Businesses transferred to the partnership: Examples
BIM82870 PM238000 Takeover of the LLP
BIM82880 PM239000 Private equity investment
BIM82890 PM240000 Share issues
BIM82900 PM241000 Pseudo share schemes/membership benefit schemes 
BIM82910 PM242000 International structures
BIM82945 PM243000 Excess profit allocation: Commencement
BIM82950 PM244000 Excess loss allocation rules
BIM82955 PM245000 When do the restrictions apply? 
BIM82960 PM246000 The effect of the restrictions?
BIM82965 PM247000 Transitional Provisions 
Original Employment Status Manual reference New Reference Page Title
ESM60005 PM251000 Overview
ESM60025 PM253000 Who can be a salaired member?
ESM60025 PM254000 Tests to use
ESM61000 PM255000 Condition A- disguised salary: contents 
ESM61005 PM255100 Condition A- overview
ESM61025 PM255400 When to apply condition A
ESM61015 PM255200 Relevant arrangments 
ESM61020 PM255300 Relevant period
ESM61030 PM255500 Reasonable to expect
ESM61035 PM255605 Introduction
ESM61040 PM255610 Piecework
ESM61045  PM255620 Fees Generated
ESM61050 PM255305 Overview
ESM61055 PM255310 Personal Performance
ESM61060 PM255640 Divisions Of A Business
ESM61065 PM255650 Guaranteed Payments/Floors
ESM61070 PM255660 Caps On Profit Shares
ESM61075 PM255670 Drawings On Account Of Profit Share Or Disguised Salary
ESM61085 PM255910 Overview
ESM61090 PM255680 Disguised Salary: Profit Share realistic view 
ESM61095 PM255920 Share: Unexpected Events
ESM61100 PM255930 Share: Benchmark
ESM62000 PM256000 Condition B- Significant influence: contents 
ESM62005 PM256100     Overview
ESM62015 PM256200  The LLP agreement
ESM62020 PM256300    What type of influence is relevant to the test?
ESM62025 PM256400   Functions of financial businesses regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
ESM62030 PM256500   Significance of size
ESM62035 PM256600  Hierarchy of members
ESM62040 PM256700    Delegated powers
ESM62045 PM256800   Part of a business
ESM62050 PM256900  Indirect influence?
ESM62055 PM257000   LLPs that are parents of a group
ESM62060 PM257100    LLPs that are members of a group
ESM62070 PM257200  Change in circumstances
ESM63000 PM258000 Condition C- conribution to the LLP: contents
ESM63005 PM258100  Overview
ESM63010 PM258200  What is the contribution?
ESM63020 PM258300  When to apply the test?
ESM63025 PM258400  Becoming, or ceasing to be, a member part way through the year 
ESM63030 PM258500  A change in the contribution part way through the year: contents
ESM63035 PM258510 A Reduction In The Contribution
ESM63040 PM258520 An Increase In The Contribution
ESM63045 PM258600  Deemed contributions 
ESM63050 PM258700  Failure To Make The Payment
ESM64000 PM259000 Anti-avoidance: contents
ESM64005 PM259100   Overview
ESM64010 PM259200  Becoming a member
ESM64015 PM259305 Overview 
ESM64020 PM259310  Anti-Avoidance: Genuine Finance
ESM64025 PM259320  Anti-Avoidance: Non-Recourse Loans
ESM64030 PM259330  Anti-Avoidance: Connected Party Finance
ESM64035 PM259340  Anti-Avoidance: Combined Loan Facilities
ESM64040 PM259400   Short term appointment
ESM64045 PM259500 Use of intermediaries
ESM64050 PM259600  Interaction with mixed membership partnership legislation
ESM65000 PM260000 Implementation matters: contents
ESM65015 PM260200 When an individual is treated as a salaried member
ESM65020 PM260300 Compliance & PAYE
ESM65025 PM260400 Capital assets
ESM65030 PM260500 Interest relief
ESM65035 PM260600 Auto-enrolment
ESM66000 PM261100 Global structures
ESM66005 PM261200  Overseas members
ESM66010 PM261300  Working for the UK LLP
ESM66015 PM261500  Profits from the UK LLP
ESM66020 PM261700 Condition A: global profits
ESM66025 PM261800    Cash plus basis
ESM66030 PM261400   Income from other firms
ESM66035 PM261900  Significant influence
ESM66040 PM261600  Capital of the LLP