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Oils Technical Manual

HCOTEG121280 - Marking: Law: Hydrocarbon Oil (Designated Markers) Regulations 1996

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This is a very short statutory instrument (SI) stating in law what the markers referred to in Section 24A of the Hydrocarbon Oil Duties Act 1979 ( as amended in 2002 ) are, namely:

* 1,4 dihydroxxanthraquinone; commonly known as ‘quinizarin’.
* [N-Ethyl-N-(1-isobutoxyethoxy)ethyl]-4-(phenylazo)aniline] commonly known as ‘solvent yellow’ 124, the chemical constituent of ‘Euro-marker’.
* 1:2 benzopyrone, commonly known as ‘coumarin’.
* Colour Index 24 Red dye, commonly known as ‘solvent red’.