NIM39325 - National Insurance Numbers (NINOs): Registration of a new NINO: Adult Registration: applying for a NINO through DWP's Jobcentre Plus

This guidance applies to:

  • adults who were not issued with a number under the Juvenile Registration processes, see NIM39300, and
  • children who have not been part of a Child Benefit award, see NIM39320
  • People coming in to the UK from abroad.


In order to get a NINO, they must satisfy legislative criteria.

They must be either:

  • working, about to start work, or actively seeking employment, and have the right to work in the UK, or
  • be liable to UK Class 1 NICs
  • making a claim to benefit, or
  • be entitled to and wish to pay voluntary Class 3 NICs or be entitled to other credits
  • be referred by student loan company, see NIM39130.

These customers need to contact Job Centre Plus to arrange to apply for a NI number. In some circumstances, an applicant may require an interview. Details of the process (together with advice about Biometric Residence Permits) can be found on the website at: