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INTM343040 - DT claims and applications - Types of income: Pensions and Annuities

Government or Non-Government

There is a list below to help you identify whether pensions are Government or Non-Government for the purposes of the pensions articles of the Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs).

If you are dealing with a claim or application for exemption from UK tax in respect of any pension and you are in doubt whether the pension is Government or Non-Government, refer the file to SPT PTI Advisory.

Armed Forces (Army, Navy & Air Force) Government  
Army Officers Widows Pension Fund Government  
Army Widows & Orphans Fund Government  
Atomic Energy Authority Non-Government  
Bank of England Non-Government  
British Coal Non-Government  
British Council Superannuation Fund Non-Government  
British Museum Government  
CAPITA Note 4  
Civil Aviation Authority Non-Government  
Civil Service Government  
Commonwealth War Graves Commission (formerly Imperial War Graves Commission) Non-Government  
Environment Agency Non-Government  
Fire Brigade - paid directly by a Local Authority Government Note 3
Fire Brigade - paid by a Fire Authority (Fire Fighter’s Pension Scheme) Government  
Forestry Commission Government  
Hong Kong Sterling Safeguard Non-Government  
House of Commons Members Fund Non-Government  
Indian Pensions Part Government & part Non-Government  
Indian Army Pensions Non-Government  
Joint Matriculation Board Non-Government  
Lighthouse Service (Trinity House) Non-Government  
Local Authority (excluding those for trading activities such as Water Board, CEGB) Government Note 3
London Pensions Fund Authority, where paid for employment with former GLC or ILEA. Government Note 3
London Transport Executive Non-Government  
Metropolitan Police Fund Government Note 3
NAFFI Non-Government  
National Assembly for Wales (Assembly Members) Non-Government  
National Assembly for Wales (employees) Government  
National Health Service - paid by CAPITA, the Paymaster Generals Office or Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA) Non-Government Note 1
National Heath Service - paid by a Local Authority Government Note 3
National Insurance Retirement pension Non-Government  
National Savings Bank Government Note 3
National Environment Research Council Non-Government  
Northern Ireland Assembly - employees Government  
Northern Ireland Assembly - members (MLA’s) Non-Government  
Northern Ireland Government pensions Government Note 3
Palestine Govt Non-Government  
Parliamentary Contributory Fund (Parliamentary Pension & Salary Acts 1972, 1976, 1978) Non-Government  
Police Pensions (incl.Metropoliatan Police Fund pensions and Transport Police pensions) Government Note 3
Port of London Authority Non-Government  
Post Office Non-Government  
RIC (Royal Irish Constabulary) Government  
RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) Government Note 3
Royal Engineers Officers’ Widows Society Non-Government  
Royal Household (Privy Purse) Non-Government  
Royal Warrant Widows Non-Government Note 2
Scottish Education Dept paid by Scottish Office Annuation Division Government  
Scottish Assembly (Members - MSP’s) Non-Government  
Scottish Assembly employees Government  
Scottish Executive Government  
Social Workers Pension Fund Non-Government  
Stevenage Development Corpn Non-Government  
Supplementary Indian Government Non-Government  
Supplementary Pension for Overseas Service (SPOS) paid by Crown Agents Non-Government  
TAVR Association Pensions paid by the Council of the Territorial Auxiliary and Volunteer Reserve Association Retirement and Death Benefits Plan Non-Government  
Teachers pensions - general Government  
Teachers pensions - paid for service to a private or independent school Non-Government Note 3
Universities Superannuation Scheme Ltd Non-Government  
Western Health & Social Services Board Non-Government  
Widows and widowers of persons whose service was “in the discharge of functions of a goverrmental nature” - paid by Central Government Government Note 3
Widows and widowers of persons whose service was “in the discharge of fucntions of a govermental nature” - paid by Local Authority of the Government of Northern Ireland Government Note 3


1 - For claims under Germany and Yugoslavia DTAs this is a Government type pension.

2 - Refer to Technical Advice Group any claims under the Germany and Yugoslavia DTAs.

3 - This pension is “Non-Government” if the claim is under the DTA with

  • Antigua (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • Barbados (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • Belize (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • Brunei (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • Burma (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • Greece (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • Grenada (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • Israel (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • Jamaica (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • Kenya
  • Kiribati (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • Malawi (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • Montserrat (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • Namibia (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • St Kitts & Nevis (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • Sierra Leone (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • Solomon Islands (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • South Africa (Subject to tax condition in treaty - but only until 5 April 2003. After 5 April 2003 this is a Government pension)
  • Swaziland
  • Tuvalu (Subject to tax condition in treaty)
  • Zambia (Subject to tax condition in treaty)

In all cases you should refer to the guidance dealing with the country in question.

4 - CAPITA is a private company that has won a number of contracts to pay pensions to public sector workers. Care will be needed where an application for relief from UK tax shows CAPITA as the payer of the pension.