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HMRC internal manual

Holding and Movements Warehousing Guidance

System for Exchange of Excise Data (SEED): The roles and responsibilities of the Glasgow Units

There are two teams based in Glasgow performing separate SEED functions.

  1. The National Registration Unit (NRU) is responsible for updating the UK database, fromthe applications and amendments received. They are the first point of contact if officerswish to amend details on SEED. They are located in Portcullis House, 21 India Street,Glasgow G2 4PH and can be contacted on 0141 555 3508.

  2. The National Verification Centre (NVC) is also based in Portcullis House and can becontacted on 0141 555 3616. The team are the contact point for UK trade enquiries (SEEDverifications only), and will confirm the authenticity of details held on EU warehousesand registered traders. The system in use is as follows:

The enquirer must provide his own trader name, number, contact name, fax and phone number,and must provide as much information as possible on the trader they are enquiring about,such as:

  • destination warehouse number;
  • trader name;
  • warehouse address; and
  • category of goods being consigned, where available.

[The NVC can search on less definitive information than that described above, but theresults may not be enough for them to be able to give a conclusive response].

The responses from the NVC will consist of one of the following:

A Yes (Positive) or No (Negative) response.

Positive or Negative Response.

Where a negative response is due to incorrect/inaccurate information provided by theperson making the enquiry, the team will try to facilitate them. However the team cannotadvise on information outside that which was initially provided at the outset.

The enquirer may subsequently request a “Fiscal” check. The SEED unit willcontact the relevant Excise Liaison Office in the other member state to enquire if thedetails held are indeed correct. The appropriate response will, in due course, be passedon to the enquirer.

All enquiries have to be submitted by fax to 0141 555 3506 or e-mail to inorder that they can be logged. HMRC users will subsequently be able to view details ofthese enquiries on SEEDnet, for intelligence and audit purposes.

The Glasgow Unit is only open to specific trade enquiries as indicated above. The Unitcannot, under Data Protection Law, provide any information on alternative warehouses, norHauliers, in either the UK or EU. The standard response for such requests is to suggestthe enquirer: checks the Yellow Pages; does a search of the Internet; contacts the tradedesk of the destination country, a shipping agent in his own area or a trade association;or obtains a copy of trade journals.

(This content has been withheld because of exemptions in the Freedom of Information Act 2000)