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Enquiry Manual

Enquiry Manual: recent changes

Below are details of the amendments that were published on 4 October 2013 (see the update index for all updates).

Page Details of update  
EM1556 Punctuation amended and minor amendments regarding the term ‘partner’  
EM1580 Sentence added regarding ADR  
EM1601 Sentence added regarding ADR  
EM1603 Information added regarding ADR  
EM1604a Table formatted  
EM1805 Punctuation amended  
EM1852 Rewording throughout page  
EM1853 Page rewritten  
EM1854 Rewording throughout page  
EM1905 Minor amendments made to page regarding ADR  
EM1910 Minor amendments made regarding ADR  
EM1952 Typo corrected  
EM1953 Information added regarding ADR  
EM1955 Information added regarding  
EM1976 Paragraph added regarding ADR  
EM1980 Paragraph added regarding ADR  
EM1981 Sentence added regarding ADR  
EM1982 Amendments made throughout page regarding ADR  
EM1983 Paragraph added regarding ADR  
EM1984 Spelling corrected  
EM1985 Paragraph added regarding ADR  
EM1995 Punctuation amended  
EM2000 Update to contents page  
EM2027 Whole page rewritten to explain determinations  
EM2028 New page regarding determinations  
EM2029a New page regarding determinations  
EM2029b New page regarding determinations  
EM2032 Minor amendments regarding the term ‘partner’  
EM2053 Paragraph added to end of page regarding ADR  
EM2908 Hyperlinks inserted, new versions of MS143 and MS144 added to this page  
EM2917 Minor amendments regarding the term ‘partner’  
EM3015 Minor amendments made  
EM3342 Second paragraph rewritten  
EM3502 Paragraph added regarding ADR  
EM3572 Minor amendment regarding the term ‘partner’  
EM3575 Wife amended to spouse  
EM3595 Major amendments throughout page  
EM3651 Amendments made regarding the term ‘partner’, also minor amendments made  
EM3655 Amendments made regarding the term ‘partner’  
EM3801 Paragraph added regarding ADR  
EM3911 Small number of amendments made throughout page  
EM3951 Paragraph added regarding ADR  
EM4512 Paragraph added regarding ADR  
EM5213 MDD amended to MSD  
EM5214 Duplicated sentence deleted  
EM6002 Paragraph added regarding ADR  
EM6214 MDD amended to MSD, also amendments made regarding the term ‘partner’  
EM6216 Minor amendments regarding the term ‘partner’  
EM6217 Minor amendment regarding the term ‘partner’  
EM6231 One line removed  
EM6236 Amendments made regarding the term ‘partner’  
EM6350 Wife replaced with spouse  
EM6402a Hyperlink amended  
EM6408 Paragraph added and minor amendments made  
EM10061 Minor amendments made regarding ‘partner’  
EM10063 Minor amendments made regarding ‘partner’  
EM10120 Minor amendments made regarding ‘partner’  
EM10122 Minor amendments made regarding ‘partner’  
EM10128 Minor amendments made regarding ‘partner’  
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