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Contract settlements: acceptance: authorisation levels - WMBC Mid-Sized Businesses

The guidance about contract settlements at EM6000+ only relates to direct tax. You must never include VAT or VAT penalties in a contract settlement.

All letters of offer and acceptance of the offer must be authorised by either your Manager or another Authorising Officer.

You must always ensure that a full audit trail of contract authorisations for both the offer and acceptance is recorded digitally, for example in Caseflow, and within any paper file.

Offers of £500,000 or more must be authorised by following the guidance in the table below.

Authorisation - settlements of £500,000 or more

MSB work area Authorisation limits  
(total value of offer) Authorised by  
MSB Complex Evasion Programme (CEP) team: CEP Direct Taxes (CT/IT) and CEP Employer Duties Up to £1m MSB Evasion G6
MSB Complex Evasion Programme (CEP) team: CEP Direct Taxes (CT/IT) and CEP Employer Duties Over £1m a second MSB Evasion G6
MSB Direct Taxes team (not CEP) Over £1m MSB Evasion G6
MSB Employer Duties team (not CEP)    
  1) The total liabilities amount to £500,000 or more

2) The ‘voluntary’ grossed up settle amounts to £500,00 or more

3) The combined totals of both of the above which amount to £500,000 or more

4) A penalty only offer where the underlying duties amount to £500,000 or more

5) An instalment arrangement will exceed 3 years

6) The offer differs from the expected amount to the extent that it cannot be accepted locally  For all of 1) to 6) - MSB ED Grade 7 approval through mailbox

For details about who to contact for this higher level of authorisation, see the Complex Evasion Programme (CEP) webpage for a list of MSB Evasions Grade 6’s.