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HMRC internal manual

Employment Income Manual

Conversion Table

### SE ### EIM
SE23750CO EIM23700
SE23750 EIM23750
SE23751 EIM23751 and EIM23761
SE23752 Deleted
SE23753 Deleted
SE23754 Deleted
SE23755 Deleted
SE23756 Deleted
SE23757 Deleted
SE23758 Deleted
SE23759 Deleted
SE23760 Deleted
SE23761 Deleted
SE23765 Deleted
SE23766 EIM23760
SE23767 EIM23764
SE23768 EIM23772 and EIM23773
SE23770 Deleted
SE23771 EIM23752
SE23772 Deleted
SE23773 EIM23780
SE23773a EIM23781
SE23774 EIM23782
SE23775 EIM23763
SE23776 EIM23754
SE23777 EIM23785
SE23778 EIM23786
SE23781 EIM23771
SE23785 Deleted
SE23786 Deleted
SE23787 EIM23787
SE23790 EIM23790
SE23800 EIM23800
SE23801 EIM23801
SE23802 EIM23802
SE23803 EIM23803
SE23804 Deleted
SE23805 Deleted
SE23806 Deleted
SE23810 EIM23810
SE23811 EIM23811
SE23813 EIM23813
SE23815 EIM23815
SE23849 Deleted
SE23850 Deleted
SE23851 Deleted
SE23852 Deleted
SE23853 Deleted
SE23854 Deleted
SE23855 Deleted
SE23856 Deleted
SE23857 Deleted
SE23858 Deleted
SE23859 Deleted
SE23860 Deleted
SE23861 Deleted
SE23862 Deleted
SE23863 Deleted
SE23864 Deleted
SE23865 Deleted
SE23866 Deleted
SE23867 Deleted
SE23868 Deleted
SE23869 Deleted
SE23870 Deleted
SE23871 Deleted
SE23872 Deleted
SE23873 Deleted
SE23874 Deleted
SE23875 Deleted
SE23876 Deleted
SE23877 Deleted
SE23878 Deleted
SE23879 Deleted
SE23880 Deleted
SE23881 Deleted
SE23882 Deleted
SE23883 Deleted
SE23884 Deleted
SE23885 Deleted
SE23886 Deleted
SE23887 Deleted
SE23888 Deleted
SE23889 Deleted
SE23890 Deleted
SE23891 Deleted