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EC preferences: imports from Turkey

ECPITUPDATE100311 - EC preferences: imports from Turkey manual: recent changes

Below are details of the amendments that were published on 11 March 2010 (see the update index for all updates)

Section Details of update
ECPIT1000 The Customs and International Duty Liability Team has been changed to the ECSM Customs Duty Liability Team
ECPIT1050 As above
ECPIT2080 Amended reference to C2-35 to Tariff Quota Guidance Notes
ECPIT3010 Amended upper value for invoice declarations from £4,830 to £5,700
ECPIT3060 Name change as above
ECPIT3070 Name change as above
ECPIT5010 Amended reference to C2-3 to Import and National Clearance Hub Procedures
ECPIT5060 Amended the reference to C2-3 as above
ECPIT7050 The words ‘see’ and ‘as above’ have been inserted before and after the second and third references to ECPIT3020 on this page, the first ECPIT3020 reference is a hyperlink to take you to that page
ECPIT8010 Deleted the self authenticated stamp and text referring to it at the end of the authenticated stamps listed